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Mannequins, Tailor dummies & Torsos

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  1. Sale cover - Male tailor dummy

    In stock

    Red SALE cover for Treviso Male Tailor dummies.
    Give your tailor dummy a new lease of life in connection with a sale.
    The cover fits a male tailor dummy with a long body.

    Excl. Tax: 22.53 EUR Incl. VAT ) ( 22.53 EUR
  2. Female mannequin - Grey torso - Vintage

    In stock

    Vintage female mannequin with a grey torso and fibreglass legs. Choose between black and dark wooden moveable arms. Ideal as a moveable display figure in your store or showroom. C 82 x W 60 x H 88 x Height 178 cm.
    Excl. Tax: 347.99 EUR Incl. VAT ) ( 347.99 EUR
  3. SuperSellerS Brochure, DANMARK

    In stock

    Get our catalog in 2017 in the paper version.
    But see also Catalog Online HERE

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3 Item(s)


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