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Showroom with different TUBO wire shelving unitsTubo wire shelving units with 220 cm. height.  They are available in 2 different depths and 3 different widths. TUBO wire shelving units are and versatile and can be used on shopfloors, in showrooms, warehouses, offices, cloakrooms, kitchens, garages and many more. 

The TUBO wire shelving has a chrome finish and comes with top caps and adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors.

All these wire shelving units comes with 5 shelves that are fully height adjustable. You decide the height of each shelf and how close they should be to each other.

The TUBO Wire shelving units are easy to assemble without the need for bolts and tools. It is possible to add castors to your unit for ease of movement.    

Shelving unit (H 220 cm.)

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