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L-gondolas - Framework


The L gondola is 1-sided and suitable for wall or by windows. Available in 3 heights: H140 - H210 - H240 cm.
Gondolas with a width of 120 cm. is intended for a grooved panel to be attached. Colour: Alu, white, chrome, black & titanium.
Grooved panel on L- or T-columns: If you need a free-standing wall of grooved panel, you can make a single or a double-sided wall using the L- or T-columns.
This is a natural extension of the wall system: Framework, where the columns are used as gondolas.
With the help of some spacers, these columns can be 60 cm. and 120 cm. can be set up as single or continuous walls.
You use the L-pillar where you only need 1 side – typically it is used against a wall, at a trade fair or if you need to block out something, but don't want/can't mount it directly on the wall.

L-gondolas - Framework

  1. As low as EUR 240.71 EUR 240.71

    Framework L-Gondola.
    Choose between Alu-colored, Chrome or Titanium.
    Picture shown with accessories that are not included. 

    • - 87 %
    As low as EUR 240.71 EUR 240.71
    In stock
  2. EUR 32.85 EUR 32.85

    Sort melaminhylde til brug nederst på L og T-gondoler (B 61 cm.).
    Kan bruges på gondoler uden rillepaneler.
    B 61,8 x D 37 x T 1,9 cm.

      EUR 32.85 EUR 32.85
      In stock
    • Starting at EUR 52.97 EUR 52.97

      Udnyt pladsen under din L -/ T-gondol med en melamin bundhylde.
      Beregnet til brug nederst på gondolen. Findes i forskellige farver.
      Passer KUN til gondoler med Rillepanel.
      Modul 120 cm. B 123 x D 37 x T 1,9 cm.

        Starting at EUR 52.97 EUR 52.97

        In stock
      • EUR 4.69 EUR 4.69
        Til opsætning af rillepanel på Framework gondol. Disse lange beslag skal bruges ved Framework panelgondoler med en højde på 210 og 240 cm. Stabilisere den midterste rillepanel.
          EUR 4.69 EUR 4.69
          In stock
        • EUR 32.85 EUR 32.85

          Take advantage of the space beneath your T and L-gondolas.
          Use a white melamine shelf designed for this. 
          Can only fit on gondolas with 61 cm. 
          W 61,8 x D 37 x T 1,9 cm.

            EUR 32.85 EUR 32.85
            In stock
          • EUR 1.14 EUR 1.14
            Ekstra Sort endedup til Framework L- og T- søjler.
            Der medfølger endedupper ved køb af søjler og af hele stativer. 
              EUR 1.14 EUR 1.14
              In stock