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Privacy, Cookies, and Personal Data Policy.

Privacy, Cookies, and Personal Data Policy.

By using www.supersellers.dk, www.supersellers.de, and www.supersellers.eu, you accept that SuperSellerS ApS, Vidtskue Vej 12, 7100 Vejle, processes your personal information and cookies according to the following data and cookie policy.

Cookies are used to make www.supersellers.dk, www.supersellers.de, and www.supersellers.eu work. We use cookies, among other things, to enable you to add items to your cart, pay, send you information, and improve our websites.

Overview of Privacy and Personal Data Policy:
This privacy and personal data policy is summarized to better inform you as a customer about what personal data SuperSellerS ApS processes and how we process them. Personal data is understood as all personally identifiable data. SuperSellerS ApS respects all wishes for confidentiality of personal information provided online and is aware of the need for appropriate protection and proper handling of all personal information we receive.

If the following personal data policy cannot be accepted, SuperSellerS ApS reserves the right to reject orders and other inquiries because a lack of acceptance may result in us being unable to service the transaction, as required by applicable law.

Personal Information:
Personal information covers all data that can be used to identify individuals, including but not limited to first, middle, and last names, age, gender, position, home address or other physical address, email address, or other contact information, regardless of whether they relate to the person's private residence or workplace.

Likewise, personal information also includes data such as behavior, purchase history, financial information, etc., all of which are used to maintain the customer and supplier relationship between customers and SuperSellerS ApS.

What personal information do we collect and process?
You can access www.supersellers.dk, www.supersellers.de, and www.supersellers.eu without disclosing your personal data to us. When accessing the websites, an ID is assigned to your session. This ID cannot identify you as a person.

SuperSellerS ApS needs a range of personal information to be able to trade with you and your company, maintain customer service, and market products and services. Certain information is also collected and processed in accordance with legal requirements under the Anti-Money Laundering and Bookkeeping Act.

The following information may be collected and processed when you shop with us:
Email address, first and last name, address, phone number, age, gender, technical details (excluding IP addresses), behavior (including visited URLs, event triggers, actions such as clicks, open rates, logins, time on each page, etc.), geographic data, and data that may be necessary to complete a transaction.