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Ladderwall - Zeta

ZETA ladderwall gives you stores an exclusive look without costing much. 

Zeta Ladderwall Uprights offer a lighter effect that can be incorporated into your overall design e.g. with Slatwall panels. The Zeta ladderwall are available with both a chrome and brushed chrome finishes. Zeta ladderwalls use the same accessories as our Slatwall panels. 

Ladderwall - Zeta

  1. EUR 66.38 EUR 66.38

    Zeta upright in brushed satin chrome, gives you an inexpensive opportunity to create an exclusive look in your store.
    W 10 x H  240 cm.

      EUR 66.38 EUR 66.38
      In stock
    • EUR 59.67 EUR 59.67

      Maksimal belastning: 50 kg, fordelt på tre bakker.

      a=240 cm.; b=1,5 cm.; c=10 cm.


      • New
      EUR 59.67 EUR 59.67
      In stock
    • As low as EUR 495.90 EUR 495.90

      Double sided gondola with Zeta ladderwall.
      Option to display goods from all sides. 
      Choose between Anthracite, Concrete-look or White.
      W 125 x D 60 x H 135 cm. 

        As low as EUR 495.90 EUR 495.90
        In stock