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Mannequiner i forskellige farver, mål og priser

SuperSellerS has a selection of mannequins - From ecconomical mannequins to high end models. 

Budget mannequin - The ecconomical mannequin

The budget mannequins are available in children, male and female mannequins in different poses, colors and sizes. Our budget mannequins are all headless and with a matt finish.  

Standard mannequin

The mannequins are available in male and female modls. They comes with head with facial features and sculptured hair. The standard mannequins have a matt white finish.  

Luxury mannequin - The high end mannequins

These mannequins can be found in unisx children, male and female models. They all have a high gloss finish in different colors and can be found with or without heads.   

Do youy need a mores lively display - Check out our flexible mannequins. 


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